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On the lap of Kainjalia, Relling, Chongtong rest the pristine valley of Bijanbari, where a large chunk of Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste and minority group of people earn their livelihood through various means of occupations. Some are wholly dependent on the tea estate while others have farms, business and services .In majority a large number of BPL families have spread in this beautiful valley. Due to the growing population of this area and the high cost of livelihood and expenses on t..

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Vidya Jyoti Academy Delivering Quality Education Since 1990.We ensure a high standard of moral and discipline for better future.

The Fear Of God Is The Begining Of Wisdom.

About V.J.A.

Vidya Jyoti Academy, Bijanbari, Darjeeling is a co-educational English Medium school, established in 1990 by Dr. Radhakrishanan Memorial trust, Regd. To impart education to children and develop their well balanced personality on progressive lines with comprehensive mental outlook, self confidence based on sound character and good conduct vital to face the future and making them good citizen of our country. The principal aim and objective of this school is to secure to..

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School Location

Vidya Jyoti Academy
Bijanbari, Darjeeling,
A unit of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Memorial Charitable Trust
CBSE Aff. No. 2430176
School Code: 56138

Vidya Jyoti Academy, a co-educational school located at Bijanbari, Dist: Darjeeling, West Bengal has recently affiliated to CBSE New Delhi.
Since the time of its establishment we are trying our heart and soul to uplift the all round development of the children studying with us with the collective co-operation of the school staff, school managing committee and the guardians along with its well wishers.
Having received affiliation from CBSE New Delhi in the month of September 2015 the school has fulfilled the day long dream of the locality   as well as the society.
The school administration with the consultation of the school staff, students, school managing committee, parents, education minded personals and well wishers has prepared school mission for three years i.e. 2016-18. The statement of school mission are as:
* The school administration had a interactive programme with the school staff in regards to the handwriting of the pupil studying in this institution at various level. Handwriting is the expression of the child’s felling and sentiment. The reader/evaluator shall understand the feeling/sentiment of the child if he writes it in a good and attractive writing.
The house placed a report that the handwriting of the total student of the school is not satisfactory. In order to set a good handwriting development of the child the school shall manage a calligraphy training classes to the teachers, so the trained teachers (calligraphically trained) shall build up good handwriting of the pupil.
School Mission 1. In the next three years, the school shall improve handwriting habits of students at various stages by providing calligraphy training to the teachers by organizing different types of competitions among the students of the school.
** The school administration had a meeting with the school managing committee, parents, well wishers, education minded people of the civic society. The house discussed about the landslide problem in the hilly region.
Hilly region gets affected a lot due to landslide during rainy season. Hilly people suffer a lot due to landslide in the rainy season. They loss their life, property and they delink with various facets of life. The major cause of landslide is deforestation. In order to overcome through landslide the school shall organized   seminars, debate, workshops in various level and shall plant nearly 2500 saplings in the school premises along with its adjoining barren areas of the community.
School Mission 2. In the next three years there shall be least chance of landslide in the school area along with its adjoining areas so that the school and the community shall be saved from dreadful landslide.
*** The school administration had a meeting with the senior staff of the school. The house review the news reading/watching habit of the children studying in the school. The house  placed a report that up growing children are not interested to read and watch news. In order to cultivate the news reading/watching habit to the children the morning assembly of the school shall provide a plat farm of news reading desk to the students which shall build up news reading/watching habit in the children.
In this way assigned student shall have to prepare news for the day before he/she come to the school.
School Mission 3. In the next three years the News reading and watching habit in the children shall developed abundantly which influences the news reading/watching habits in the parents as well as in the society too.
**** The school administration had a meeting with the language teacher of the school. The house placed a report that students are good in writing skill rather than the speaking skill. They placed a report that the student hesitate themselves to address the mass because of their lack of confident and shyness problem.
School Mission 4. In order to avoid shyness tendency of the students to address the mass and to build up inner confident in them the school shall organize extempore speech, debate, skit competition etc. among the students. So in the next three years a majority of students can express their feeling to the mass confidently, boldly, efficiently.
***** The school administration had a meeting with the young school staff of the school and discussed about the IQ standard of the students. The house placed a report that the present students including ours are bookish and they are lacking IQ level in them. The house decided to build up IQ level in the students.
School Mission 5. In order to build up IQ level in the students the school shall create an environment so that the student shall build up their IQ level. In this regard the school shall make an arrangement of quiz hour in the morning assembly as well as inter class and inter house as well as inter school quiz competitions at various levels and the award shall be provided to the best student. In the next three years IQ level of the student shall build up and that help to their future endeavor.
****** The school administration had a meeting with the parents, school managing committee and the health staff. The house discussed about the health problem of today’s growing child. The house observed that the children are not found sound in health because of their eating habit. The house decided to avoid packets and junk food eating habits in the children.
School Mission 6. In order to build up good eating habit among the children in the school the school shall organize awareness programme  as well as interactive programmes among the teachers, parents , students and the health assistant so that the child can lead healthy life by avoiding packet food and junk food.  The school in co-operation with the parents shall encourage the students for self prepared lunch and restrictions of money possessing in them shall be discouraged. In the next three years the school student shall lead a life of sound health which cannot effect their study.
******* The school administration had a meeting with the school managing committee and the teachers. They discussed about the teaching aids of the school. The house placed a report that there is a lack of teaching  aids in some subjects. The school managing committee committed to provide all the required teaching aids to the school.
School Mission 7. In the next three years the school shall provide basic teaching learning facilities to the teachers and students in this way the academic standard of the school shall raise up.     


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