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On the lap of Kainjalia, Relling, Chongtong rest the pristine valley of Bijanbari, where a large chunk of Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste and minority group of people earn their livelihood through various means of occupations. Some are wholly dependent on the tea estate while others have farms, business and services .In majority a large number of BPL families have spread in this beautiful valley. Due to the growing population of this area and the high cost of livelihood and expenses on the education in the town like Darjeeling etc, a need of good School has become a necessity for its dwellers.Although there are other schools too, a well managed school run by experienced and qualified professional teachers supported by the senior dedicated personnel cannot be denied by anyone.

VIDYA JYOTI ACADEMY felt it a necessity and occupied its place in 1990 to impart quality , value added and modern education to the children of the area .It envisages the concept of wholesome Personality development Child centered education which is supported by Computer Education too. With the total trustee of eleven members, this institute is running under the vision and educational expertise of its Principal Mr. Arun Chaulagai and team of professional teachers along with its management board. In this span of time, Vidya Jyoti Academy has changed its shape in physical infrastructure, teaching learning, finance and o on. Run as a satellite under the Dr. Radhakrishanan Memorial Charitable Trust. (Regd.), Vidya Jyoti Academy is a non- profitable Institution that educates and supports the education for downtrodden, Orphans and helpless people.

V.J.A. is multifarious institution whose dreams cannot be accomplished by single individual. it expects the fame and the glory of this place and the nation cannot be obtained. We inform and assure our friends and valued guardians that V.J.A. will always optimistic look on the students , guardians , teachers , well-wishers and the society and will always target itself to uplift the life and standard of our people so that they are competent to face the challenges of Bijanbari ,India and this global village. As ninth principal of this school, I might not be mistaken to say that I am the longest administrator in the anal of V.J.A. to fight the vivid challenges and bringing shape to this educational institute. There is immense work to do, but the time is too limited sometimes feel that the heaven above would create 48 hours a day instead of 24. I work the whole day and night sleepless to plan organise the activities.

I feel honoured to thank my professional teaching staff , sincere non-teaching staff, dedicated and wide hearted trustees, dynamic managing board, co-operative guardians, my beloved family, disciplined and industrious students ,community ,local business community and all its well- wishers who have helped me to make this temple of learning a good place for everyone.